Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super 3

On October 28, the Kindergarten  completed a project learning about the Super 3.
The students learned about the three steps: Plan, Do, and Review.  They first learned about the Super 3 by learning a song to the tune of BINGO.

Step 1: Plan
The students planned what they needed to make a snowman and what it should look like. 
Step 2: Do
The students used all the supplies from the planning step to make the snowman.  We made some minor adjustments due to the lack of snow since it had all melted. 

Step 3: Review
Finally, they reviewed the whole process checking to make sure they completed the project, made the snowman according to their planning, and was it their best work

The students had a blast with the project!  Thank you to Mrs. Krob and Ms. Rubio for teaching the Kindergarten about the Super 3!

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