Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gallatin Gateway Youth Group Information

Please refer to the following letter from the Gateway Youth Group.  I will be sure to post more information as soon as I can.

March 10, 2016

Gallatin Gateway Community Members:

In February, GYG was notified by the Turner Foundation that our 2016 grant request funding was put on hold as their Board was going through a leadership change.   Turner Foundation Program Officer expressed that they expect to revisit our grant request in mid-May following reorganization.   GYG operates primarily on funding received from the Turner Foundation.  As a result, this delay has temporarily impacted our ability to host upcoming GYG programs.  Lack of funding has forced GYG Board to temporarily suspend activities.  In May we hope to resume our normal programs.

Effective immediately, Once-A-Month Club will be cancelled for the remainder of the school year.  Our scholarship program and Summit on the Environment, usually occurring in late April, are also cancelled for this year.   We know how special the GYG summer camp is to the community.  We hope to host the summer camp as usual, and will keep everyone informed as the time draws near.  

We truly feel this situation is temporary.   The Turner Foundation has generously supported GYG for 18 years.  Although there has never been a guarantee of continuous funding, we as a community have enjoyed the benefits of uninterrupted support from the Foundation.  We feel compelled to wait until May and allow their new Foundation Board time to revisit our grant request.  At that time we will make decisions on our next steps for the future of GYG programs.

We enjoy serving the community and look forward to resuming our programs as soon as possible.   Thank-you for your continued support and understanding as we move forward.


GYG Officers                                                                 Administration/Staff
Dick Shockley – President                                    Martha Joh Reeder – Executive Director
Carrie Shockley – Treasurer                                  Nancy Mawhinney – Program Director
Tev Sanders – Secretary                                        Chloe Nostrant – Junior Program Coordinator

Board Members
Gary Jones                              
Tanner Sanders
Misti Richardson

Heidi Maus

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