Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Suicide Prevention

I know this post doesn't share the same type of upbeat information contained in my other posts; however, it is so important to share this information with you.  As many of you know, the holidays aren't the happiest time for all of our students and their families.  Therefore, the information contained in this presentation couldn't be more timely.

Karl Rosston, Montana Suicide Prevention Coordinator will be addressing the very important topics of depression and suicide among our youth.  His presentation will occur on November 17 and is open to all parents, grandparents, care providers, and friends within our area.  Please see the attached image for information on the presentations or contact Mary Ann Benz at (406) 522-6022 with questions.  I appreciate the effort that went into bringing this presentation to our community and thank you for everything you do to keep our children safe.

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